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Let Our Insulation Experts Serving the Greater Dallas Area Show You the Many Benefits of Our High Performance Insulation.

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Delivering Efficiency. Improving Comfort.®

Blown-In Attic Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Solar Attic Fans

Air Sealing

Insulation Removal

Batt Insulation Installation

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"Why you should upgrade your home’s insulation"

Save Money

According to the Department of Energy, "Space heating and cooling account for almost half of a home's energy use, making this one of the largest energy expenses in any home.”

As your home ages, your insulation begins to deteriorate - as do the seals around your windows, doors, and lights. Did you know that 50-70% of the energy used in your home consists of heating and cooling? By reinsulating your home, you can save money each month on your utility bill.

A properly insulated home is more comfortable, and the air will stay cleaner. Insulation and air sealing ensures that conditioned air stays inside your home. With poor insulation, your HVAC system works very hard to continuously condition air which seeps in. This air which seeps in is often very dirty and totally avoidable.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The best way to reduce your home's carbon footprint is by reducing energy waste through increased efficiency. According the the EPA, the #1 way to reduce your energy usage in your home is to improve the building enery efficiency through better insulation. Retrofitting can allow new and existing homes to upgrade their insulation.

Reduce Outside Noises

Have you been in your home and wake up to birds chirping or your neighbor's dog barking outside? Maybe the weather seems louder than it should be. Insulation combats outside noises and also helps with reducing the amount of noise carried from one room to the other.

Experience the Koala Insulation difference: Clean and Easy 1-day insulation service.

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Why Choose Koala?

  • Prompt

    We get there on time, every time.

  • Clean

    No mess left behind! We clean up after ourselves.

  • Experienced

    We have 15+ years of experience in construction and home services.

  • Knowledgeable

    We’ll help you choose the right insulation for your project.

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What We Work On

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  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Walls
  • Mobile Homes
  • Metal Buildings
  • Sheds
  • New Additions

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  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Bulk Storage Container
  • Around Duct Work

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  • Apartments
  • Retail Spaces
  • Storage Units
  • Fitness Facities
  • Education Centers
  • Medical Facilities


Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (25) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (26) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (27) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (28) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (29) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (30)

Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (31) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (32) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (33) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (34) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (35) Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (36)

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See what our satisfied Dallas area customers have to say about our service!

Better than excepted.Great job and they cleaned everything up. Plus, the new spray foam insulation is working great. Much Cooler and much quieter. The cost was reasonable. Great value for what they did.

Greg H.

Hassle-free batt insulation replacement! Koala was well-priced, quick and tidy with replacing my attic insulation. I will use them again for soundproofing my basement.

James B.

Best company I have worked with in years! Super professional, super friendly, on time, and great work. Our attic insulation looks AMAZING. Stop shopping and call them today you won’t be disappointed

Curtis H.

Got the whole attic insulated from start to finish just a positive experience. I would highly recommend Koala insulation for all your insulating needs!

John M.

James and his team did an excellent job at our place. His customer service was top-notch. We had our attic insulated, and it turns out to be a complex and complicated job, but James and his team didn’t hesitate in giving us support and working hard to have it perfectly done.

Ana N.
Highland Park

Great crew. On time. Updated insulation and installed fans in attic. Highly recommended. So happy with this investment to our home!

Kevin N.

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Pay for your project with predictable, monthly payments without tapping into your home equity.

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Some of the Brands We Use

Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (38)

Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (39)

Koala Insulation of Dallas | Koala Insulation (40)

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Read More of Our Reviews

Fast and Easy

Scheduling and service was fast and easy


Did Exactly as they Said

Very satisfied!! Came in did exactly what they said they would do based on scope of work. Reasonable price as well. Happy with this company and I would recommend.


Five Stars

Customer left no comments



Honesty. I had them come out to take a look at my existing insulation as a new home buyer. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, Charlie was honest and told me areas where I did not even to improve my existing insulation. I feel that honesty is the most important quality when looking for contract, work, and koala insulation has sold me on their business. Will be utilizing them now for some smaller work and then again for my big work in the future.


Very Professional Company

Very professional company.
From the initial visit/inspection to the final job completed, Koal kept me updated at all times. I had blown insulation added to my existing insulation, bringing the level to R49 level.
Pricing was very fair, and the quality of the job was excellent."

I highly recommend Koala for your insulation needs.


Quiet and Communicated Well

They were quiet, communicated well, efficient, and effective. They installed insulation in my attic and placed a solar fan on my roof."


Fast and Great Service

Fast and great service. Quick and reasonable quote with quality work.


Very Happy All Around

The foam insulation makes a big difference in my house . The Koala Company Rep very knowledgeable I’m very happy all around yes 5 stars for me Aaron .


Highly Recommend

Had a 30' x 60' metal building fully insulated (walls and roof) with 2" closed cell foam. The Koala team was very profession and prompt. It took 3 days to prep, spray, and clean up. There were a couple spots on the roof where the spray did not properly adhere to the metal and started to sag. The Koala team, without hesitation, removed the foam from those areas and resprayed. They ensured the job was done right and to my satisfaction. I would most definitely hire Koala for any future spray foam needs and highly recommend you consider Koala for yours.

Royce City

Helped Guide Me

Helped guide me in best options for my older home and why some things you hear your friends new build has might not work best in your situation. Great crew. Very thorough and cleaned up well. Wow what a difference when going upstairs now with all new insulation and fans!


Good job

Good job!


Very Efficient and Honest

They did a great job! Very efficient and honest. Fair pricing as well! Our house is finally maintaining a cool temperature on hot days. 100% recommend using them!


Great Company

I worked with Charlie and he was super! Nice, easy to work with, very informative! Great company…have already recommended to a few friends! Thanks Koala!!!

North Dallas

Had to increase my thermostat 2 degrees

Koala service was to remove 30 year old insulation and replace with new r-19 insulation.
arrived on time. explained what services i requested and that the service team would perform the insulation on day 1 and return to blow r-19 insulation on day 2.
cleaned up my garage after day 1 and 2 to my satisfaction. service tech found ac connection inoperative and fixed it at no charge. i actually had to increase my thermostat 2 degress due to cold temp in house. great jo Koala!
service team is to be commended because they worked as a team and kept me updated on their progress to my satisfaction. needles to say that i feel the team was very professional and just did an outstanding job on my house. i highly recommend Koala to everyone


Completely Satisfied

We used Koala to remove all our original insulation, and to install/blow new
Insulation. After several hard days sucking all the old out, we found that we had roof repairs needed and a rodent problem. So we delayed the new insulation for a few months while we worked with contractors to get the problems resolved.

Finally we were ready for the new insulation, and Koala finished the job. They were extremely professional during delays that were not their responsibility. Everyone at Koala were kind, and focused on our happiness. We are completely satisfied with Koala, and highly recommend using them for your insulation needs.


From the first phone inquiry

From the first phone inquiry, through the on site estimate and then the blown insulation and finally the solar attic fan….the service was great and the people were all outstanding and thorough. I would recommend this company in a heartbeat….thank you!
Additional they saw an area on our roof (and took photos) where it may need attention by a roofer. Again, thank you!!


Recommend Heartily

I seldom leave reviews but, in this instance, feel as though it is appropriate. When we hire contractors, we have a universal assumption that the contractor will provide their service or products at a level that demonstrates a love for neighbor. That is, there exists a duty beyond the contractual terms. When the entity meets that duty then it is as it should be.

However, the true test of a friend or a service/product provider is when things do not go as planned. This is when we see the true character of people and companies. Too often, when we make mistakes (we all do), we can resort to denying responsibility, cite fine print that disclaims any moral duty, make counter accusations or any other human weakness.

It is in this test that one is truly measured, and it is in this context that I am bound by my conscious to recommend heartily to all who read this review Koala Insulation. Were mistakes made, yes. Did they fix them above and beyond the call of duty - yes.

We all fail and therefore we should all be merciful as we all need it. The key is that if we are the ones who failed it is how we work to make it right. Charlie and his team did that, for that we are grateful.

The blessing comes most often not when things go perfectly but instead when they do not. It is at that time, that friends are made. I heartily recommend this Firm and pray for their continued success as this is exactly how the world should work.

If you have any doubt between Koala and another provider, please choose Koala.


Fantastic Job

Attic insulation. Fantastic job. Blow-in insulation was surprisingly quiet with no mess. Two man team had job completed in about hour and thirty minutes. Very professional job. Very satisfied customer!


Professional in Every Sense of the Word

Professional in every sense of the word. From start to finish they walked me through the process of installation of the insolation. They did a fantastic job and left all of the work areas as clean as they found them. I would highly recommend using them. A top notch company.


Just Great Customer Service

Spray in Insulation by Koala. Charlie Sikes is the reason I went with Koala. Just great customer service.


Glad I Picked Them

I had spray foam installed in the attic. The company was professional and very easy to work with. No major issues at all. Had one little wire get pulled from the furnace to the thermostat. They fixed it right away with no complaints. I would recommend them to anyone who askes. I went through a lot of contractors before I decided to go with Koala. I'm glad I picked them.

North Dallas

Efficient and Courteous

They were very efficient and courteous while insulating my attic.


Highly Recommend

Did an awesome job in removing the old attic insulation and adding in the new insulation. Fair pricing. Highly recommend them.


Great Worker

Great interaction worker.


Very Nice Group

Very nice group. Did a nice job. Even cleaned up without any mess.


Fiberglass Insulation

(No message left)


Super, Professional

Super professional, very helpful, timely, great communication, fairly priced, and most importantly properly insulated our home's deficient areas!


Thank you very much!

Koala Insulation of Dallas did a great job on my 1958 house (next to no insulation). I can hardly see the ac ducts anymore and the request I made were done perfect. Thank you very much!

North Dallas

Great service as always

Great service as always!

Forney, Texas

Excellent Job!

Excellent job! Added insulation to my attic. Great communication and high quality job done. I highly recommend!

North Dallas

Can't say enough good things

Can’t say enough good things about David, Andrew, and Travis with Koala. They worked almost all day the last two days at my house. They worked extremely hard, went above and beyond what was required of them, and were very friendly and professional. Really, really good experience and I would highly recommend them - especially David, Andrew, and Travis. Really good guys.

Lake Highlands

Garage Spray Foamed

Reviewer left only rating"



Very professional and timely


Excellent Job

Excellent job.

Farmers Branch

A+ Service

Repaired insulation in our barn. A+ service, communication, and price.

Red Oak

Great Job

Charlie, David and Andrew did a great job on the attic insulation.


Highly Recommend

Great service all around. Charlie and his crew did an excellent job. Highly recommend.


Great Company with Great People

Charlie came out and inspected our attic. Then he presented a couple of options to us while explaining everything in detail. I told him that we needed to talk it over and make a decision. No pressure from Charlie at all -- he said to take our time. We got back to him later that day and were able to get the work scheduled for the following week. The guys came out on schedule and got it taken care of -- great crew that did very good work. They cleaned up after they were finished and explained what they had done. I would not hesitate to recommend them -- great company with great people.

Forney, Texas

Most for the Money

After getting several quotes Koala gave me the most for my money. Charlie answered all my question and was good at explaining what would be done and why it would help me keep my utilities bill down.



(Customer left only 5 Star Rating)


Excellent Job

Charlie and his crew were very professional and did an excellent job.



Awesome! So professional!


Will tell all my neighbors

Work was done just as I asked. The men were very professional. Will tell all my neighbors.

Allen, Texas

No High Pressure

Charlie showed up on time for free estimate. Gave the estimate, no high pressure. Showed up in thirty minute window when they would arrive to begin work. Would highly recommend this company.


Highly Recommend

This company was really professional and knowledgeable and showed up on time. The price was great but most of all they took care of sending photos to the city inspector and called in my final inspection. I do highly recommend this company as a company to call asap."

East Dallas

Very professional service

Very professional service. Excellent communication throughout the process. Highly recommend.


General Contractor Gives Two Thumbs Up

As a picky General Contractor, I’d give Koala Insulation a two thumbs up! The price was fair, they were punctual, professional, and cleaned up well before they left! All in all, if you’re in need of saving energy costs long term, Koala is the company for insulation! RR"


Great Job

Nolan and his crew did a great job with spray in insulation. No surprises and was just what we talked about. Nice guys, fair price, great service! I will use again.


Great Service

Koala representatives were very professional , installed solar powered attic fan, insulation and hatch overs. They arrived on-time, efficient and cleaned up before leaving. Great service!

Plano, Texas

Absolutely love working with this company

You will absolutely love working with this company. Everyone was very professional from the time Charlie came out to look at what our house needed to when the others came to actually install the insulation. Everyone was well-mannered and made sure the job was done right. They even took extra time to clean up the insulation that had blown around. They really took a lot of time doing this and were meticulous about doing so. You do not find anyone who cleans up this well. So happy to have found them. I would not hesitate to use them. Carolyn M.


Thanks Charlie

The estimate was reasonable, the crew that did the work were pleasant. They did the work in a timely manor and cleaned up after themselves. thanks Charlie


Very Happy!

They took care of the attic insulation. Reasonably priced, very professional and committed to quality service. Very happy so far!

Plano, Texas

Nolan was Excellent

Nolan was excellent at explaining how the fan works. Now waiting to see the difference in a few days.

Forney, Texas

Very Professional

Very professional. Would highly recommend.


Highly Recommend

Charlie's crew did a great job installing insulation in our attic today. They showed up on time, did their work to my satisfaction and cleaned up before departing. His price for the work they did was very reasonable and I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks Charlie!


Glad we chose Koala

Solicited quotes from a few vendors, and glad we chose Koala. Gave us the most complete overview of our options, quote and scheduling were very straightforward and professional, and job was done on time and to spec. Very pleased.


Great Job

Koala insulation of Dallas helped install insulation to the garage including installing garage door foam. Great job.

Plano, Texas

Most Professional

I had 4 companies bid on the project. Koala was by far the most professional and thorough with doing the estimate. Not the lowest bid, but the most trustworthy. Communicated well, showed up on time for the job and did it well. No muss, no fuss. I would highly recommend.

Dallas/Walnut Hill

Highly Recommend

Charlie, Nolan and the team we’re on time, professional and cost efficient. They communicated any concerns upfront and was easy to work with.!!!
I highly recommend!!

Dallas/Midway Hollow

Great Communication

Great communication through every step of the process. Cost was very competitive, scheduling was accomplished easily, and they were capable of working with my timeline. The technicians on site listened to my needs and were very accommodating to ensure all of my concerns were taken care of and the job was completed to satisfaction. I feel well taken care of, and am confident that, if any issues arise in the future, Koala will handle it with ease.""


Great from Start to Finish

Great from start to finish. No one tried to sell me anything I didn't need and the service was just as promised during the sales call. Great team and great experience. They installed to solar fans in my attics and cleaned up the insulation from another contractor.


Took Extra Care

Took, extra care with protecting my floors and in trying to keep house cool while front door was open by hanging a plastic curtain. Then cleaned up after it was all over. They even did extra to cover my ceiling fan as I requested. Excellent service and GREAT price. U won't be disappointed.

Elmwood, DALLAS

On Time and Professional

The Koala crew that came out was on time and professional. They used drapes to protect our house and flooring. They also covered our doorway so insects getting in the open door were minimal. They worked efficiently installing the insulation and cleaned up well afterwards. We were very impressed with their work and would highly recommend them.


Very Professional

Very professional. Showed up on time for quote and instdallation. Communicated well. Did what they said for the price they said. I'd use them again."

Highland Park

Had A Great Experience

Had a great experience with Noris and his crew from Koala Insulation of Dallas. They let me know they were headed my way and wasted no time to start the job. The crew was friendly and did an excellent job. After going over what was to be done everything went so well.
I highly recommend these guys. Great job!


So much better

From start to finish, they were professional, communicative and on time. The attic is SO much better and I will be recommending them to others.

Allen, Texas

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